I cannot explain how fun Lulu is in URF mode. Not only can she have a constant speed boost and shield and can spam her Glitterlance all over the place but she also gets the AS boost because she’s ranged so you can do an AP and Machine Gun build in one build.

Nashor’s, Wit’s End, Shiv, Rabadon’s, Twin Shadow’s and Merc Treads

OP pls don’t nerf

Just to say, I hate you on League if you:

  • Feed your lane then blame the jungler even if the jungler ganked for you
  • Feed your lane then call your team noobs for dying to your fed laner
  • Win a match after 30 minutes and say “Easy :)”
  • The above one
  • Even if I’m on your team I still hate you if you do that
  • If you instalock